Frequently Asked Questions

If You Register With Twice Email And Without Refrance Id The It will Show Your Error So Please Share your Email id Which you Register So I Deactivate your request
It's Too Easy You Can Read This Blogor If You Face Any Problam Then Take a look on Page Visit this
We Have Many Reseller So They Have Refrance Code It's Identity code by this code Reseller can get Activation Request By User
Mostly We Take 2 Min For Activation If Error Occur due To User So On This Situation We Take Mostly 10 Min But Use Must Contact On Whatsapp By Using This Link Contact Us For Technical Support
Once Tools Is Activated It's Can't Be Refunded That's Why We Provide Demo Version So First Use Demo Then Make Payment
No one Licence Only Used In System If You used in Diffrent System Then You will Get Error
Yes You can Transfer But Not Always Because In Transfer Process It's Take More Then One days to 3 days
Yes We can Modify But Charges Whould Be Additional
We Know Some User Faced data Scraping Problam So in This Case Either Google Update or Catch Problam If Google Make Updates It's Will Take 2 days To 5 days or if Catch problam then go to chrome://settings/reset and click Up On clean up Computer
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